Video: Celebrating 40 Years Restoring Wings to the Wild

Our resident raptors finally got their shot at stardom!  Back in 2014, BRC was approached by Alexandra Wayne and John Harper of Primal Focus Productions, who came and shot a video, over the course of a typical day during Baby Bird Season 2014.

Watching it, you can get an idea of the bustling activity by dozens of dedicated volunteers working in the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of the orphaned and injured wild native birds of the North Bay.

Several of our resident raptor Ambassadors also play cameo roles, calling attention to BRC’s educational and community outreach programs that inform and inspire thousands of children and adults each year.

We are so grateful to Alexandra and John for their generous gift to the Center!

Of course, a brief video like this can capture only a few snippets of the day-to-day challenges we at the Center face in caring for these unique and beautiful birds, often for months at a time. There are very real expenses involved in this care, which are only covered by the generosity of our members and friends — people just like you.

We can’t do this without you. Please support this important work!

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