We’ve heard of having your ducks in a row, but crows?

We started receiving baby crows about a month ago. Being the only facility in Sonoma County that accepts corvids (crows, ravens, jays) of all ages and species, we have to ensure we are only taking in those that truly need our help. Two of our newest volunteers are avid crow-lovers, and before our first batch was ready for release, they scouted out wonderful territories for our little ones to live. The two groups released so far grew up together in our facility, and we released them in these groups to be sure they have family-type bonds while being introduced to the outside world.

Our newly “fledged” volunteers helped catch-up, weigh, and do pre-release checks on 21 of our young crow population! During the releases they “watched these crows look around, assess, and then take to the air. It was such a thrill to watch them fly free. Only one hesitated on the ground before liftoff. It was beautiful to watch and know that we participated in the release and that freedom. These are birds that we helped through continual and committed feeding since they were nestlings, and then to grow, thrive, and to be able to take off flying and be healthy back with the local bird community. It is a privilege to be part of Bird Rescue Center, and to make a difference.” (Moon Tiedeman, Phyllis Beals)

Some may dislike crows for causing a ruckus around the neighborhood. This time of year it’s mostly the family protecting the babies in every way they know. Those baby blues will make you fall in love with the little youngsters, and as Phyllis puts it, “Love those corvids!” A big thank you to all our volunteers who lovingly (or begrudgingly) feed, clean, and wait on our feathered friends!”

Our young corvids adore hard-boiled eggs! This is an important food source, education experience, or just plain fun for these birds. With the avian flu outbreak in the Midwest, our usual egg source has become sporadic. If you or a friend have chickens, ducks or quail and have extra eggs, please consider hard-boiling and donating them to BRC. Even raw eggs are OK; we are able to hard-boil them at the Center. Our address is 3430 Chanate Road in Santa Rosa, near the old Sutter Hospital site. Thank you!