Video: Celebrating 40 Years Restoring Wings to the Wild

Your financial support means the freedom to return to the wild for hundreds of birds in our hospital this summer! Throughout nesting season our team of volunteers, staff and veterinarians work tirelessly to care for orphaned, and in many cases sick and injured baby birds.

In April and May BRC cared for two owlets until they were ready to be returned to their family nest sites in two separate Sonoma County locations.

Thank you for donating to enable us to continue this work. Please enjoy the video and the recent article in The Press Democrat. We wish you a great July 4th with friends and family! We hope this story of two owls will inspire you go give a gift of freedom to wild birds!

Through your support we will continue to Restore Wings to the Wild this baby bird season!

Thank you for giving to save baby birds this nesting season!

Photos of the successful renesting of a Great Horned owlet