A state-of-the-art wildlife rehabilitation and education facility is a vital and worthy community investment! Join our team!
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With the signing of a long-term lease, The Bird Rescue Center reached a major milestone in our relocation efforts.

  • The new center will:
  • Serve the needs of five-county area
  • Treat and rehabilitate birds more effectively
  • Expand our services and collaborations with other Bay Area wildlife facilities
  • Provide programs that stimulate curiosity and motivate learning about our natural world

We have received pledges, grants, gifts, in-kind donations, and pro bono services in excess of $3.6 million.

We need an additional $3 million to complete this project. This will result in a modern avian hospital, aviaries for patients and resident education birds, an engaging and interactive educational facility, and bird-friendly gardens and greenhouses for aviary enrichment plants.

For more than forty years, The Bird Rescue Center has been caring for our native wild birds. We are committed to our next half-century of providing care and comfort.Your investment will create an unparalleled and sustainable community resource.

Your donations will help ensure that the 3,000+ birds we handle each and every year continue to receive the best possible care. You will also be supporting our 16 Resident Ambassador birds and our Community Education programs, which reached more than 47,000 children and adults last year with important lessons about climate change, our local environment, and cohabiting with native wild birds. We have one of the few Junior Volunteer programs in the County, and your financial support can help make sure that resource remains available to children between the ages of 13 and 18.

We need YOU to make this vision a reality

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In addition to financial support, we are looking for partners with experience and skills in the construction industry, and sources for building materials, appliances, cabinets and countertops, and all of the other things that will be necessary to complete our new hospital and education facilities. We love donations, but also greatly appreciate discounts and in-kind donations!

Local architects Daniel J. Strening and Ken Coker are generously donating their talents for the design of our new Center. In addition, we have received offers for engineering services, concrete work, and for door locks and closures.

If you are in a position to help us (or know someone who might!) — please let us know.

Other ways to help

  • Make a donation online (recurring donations are awesome!)
  • Host a fundraiser and we’ll bring the birds!
  • Claim one of our naming opportunities
  • Join our email list to stay updated and involved (signup form on this page)

Invest In The Skies!

Together we will do this. With your ongoing financial help, we can make the dream of a new Bird Rescue Center a reality. Watch for future updates and please, give what you can, as often as you can.

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