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So you’re interested in meeting our birds? Excellent!
A few things to know:

  • When considering the proposed date of your event, please note that most events require at least four weeks prior to the date to schedule our volunteer raptor handlers.
  • Program dates are only confirmed once the availability of our handlers is verified.
  • The requested donation is $150 per bird. If your program is offsite, there is a minimum of two birds which equals a total requested donation of $300. For programs outside of Sonoma County, a travel surcharge of $25 is requested.
  • If your program will be held at BRC, the requested donation is a flat $300, but we can present many more birds, including a number that do not travel offsite.
  • Please fill out this form as completely as you can. Feel free to add as many details as needed, including additional date choices, in the space provided. Please allow as long as five days for our us to reply to your initial request.

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PLEASE NOTE: Available times are 10am - 7pm
PLEASE NOTE: Available times are 10am - 7pm


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