Esme – Merlin

Your generous donation to our Guardianship project helps provide food, housing, care and medical treatment for these amazing birds!

Last, but certainly not least, we would like to introduce you to our only Merlin – Esme. Esme is one of our newer resident birds, having been admitted in 2014 with a fractured wrist. Just like our PEFAs, Merlins are small falcon that require perfect flight in order to catch their small, aerial prey. Unfortunately, Esme does not have full function of her fractured wrist (you can actually see the rightwing droop in this picture), making her non-releasable. When our handlers take her out for walks during winter, our local overwintering Merlins will often gather ’round and put on quite the show for her!

Esme’s Ambassador Anniversary is June 11, 2014.

Ambassador Guardians receive

  • An 8×10 photo of the bird
  • Letter confirming Guardianship
  • Certificate of Guardianship
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