Field Trips to BRC and Classroom Visits

Between our monthly Open House events, field trips to the Center, school visits and public events, in 2016 our resident raptors and their handlers made almost 130 presentations, to a total audience of over 48,000 people! As part of BRC’s Community Education Program, these birds inspire and entertain children and adults all over Sonoma County, with occasional forays into Marin and Mendocino counties.

Being up-close with these amazing creatures is a rare and remarkable experience, one that really inspires kids to want to learn more about our local birds and how we can help them survive in the wild. In our small Museum area, they can touch feathers, look at our collections of eggs and nests, and see photographs of birds that have come into the Center for rehabilitation and release. We help teach in a visually stimulating and tactile way unavailable to most classrooms, which is why teachers, parents and kids often call their visit to BRC the best field trip of the whole year. Be sure to visit our gallery of raptor artwork drawn by young visitors to the Center.

We can also bring our birds to your school, classroom, business or special event! Whether you visit us or we come to you, we can tailor our presentations to your group’s age, interests, or area of study. You can request certain species or groups (such as “owls only”), or let us surprise you! In any case, you will find this a memorable and inspiring experience.

Our Education Programs are an excellent way to not only learn about our local raptor species, but also to discover what you can do to foster and protect the birds in your neighborhood.

If you would like see our Ambassador raptors at your school or event, or would like to come to the Center for a tour, please fill out our online Education Program Request Form, and we will get in contact with you to arrange details.