Invest in the Skies

We hope you join us on this incredible journey and help make our dream of a new Bird Rescue Center a reality.

Ashton Kluttz


Help Us Feather Our Nest

Feather Our Nest

As we enter the final phase of our Invest in the Skies campaign, we look back to the beginning to gain inspiration for the future. Your gifts will support our commitment to the next half century—a commitment to continue to provide care and comfort to our native wild bird populations and to create an unparalleled and sustainable community resource so future generations will have the thrill of watching a raptor soar overhead, of appreciating the beautiful sounds of the songbirds’ call, and of witnessing the signs of post-disaster recovery as the seeds birds spread begin to sprout and grow.

This is a worthy community investment. Please consider making a significant gift. Our future depends on it.


Our Generous Supporters

Many thanks to the growing flock of supporters making the flight to our new nest possible.
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Leaves Issue September

MADRONE LEAVES, Page 6: From the Trenches – Bird Rescue Center Update By Ashton Kluttz, Executive Director
With spring behind us and summer winding down, we’re beginning to breathe a bit easier here at The Bird Rescue Center. The past few months have been challenging and exciting! While we had cancelled our Open Houses and educational events due to the COVID pandemic, our season has been no less exciting bird-wise. In fact, this year brought a few firsts  >> READ HERE

Screen Shot

Santa Rosa Family Rescues a Juvenile Cooper’s Hawk
Folks have been through so much this year so when the Brazis family of Santa Rosa heard distressed cries coming from their yard, they immediately looked at each other and wondered,” What’s next?!? Rushing outside they found a juvenile Cooper’s Hawk on the ground at the base of what they assumed was the nest tree. Days before the family had seen the same young hawk squabbling with another hawk. This time the young hawk appeared to have lost the battle. >> READ HERE

Brad Marsh

Brad Marsh, longtime Santa Rosa police officer, Army veteran and bird rescuer, dies at 72
Inclined all his life to service and action, Sebastopol’s Brad Marsh flew a combat helicopter in Vietnam at age 18, then he worked a distinguished career as a Santa Rosa police officer, and in retirement found a passion for helping out some of the most impressive birds of prey that soar above Sonoma County.

Through it all, Marsh, who began at the SRPD in 1976 and retired in 2003, was a family man, a friend to many and a community member regarded as genuine, able, caring and the sort of person who’s just great fun to be with. >> READ HERE

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