Bird Rescue Center is planning a new, state-of-the-art rehabilitation and education facility

Woodstock at The Bird Rescue Center
For decades, Bird Rescue Center has been an essential asset to the entire North Bay region. Each year we rescue, rehabilitate and release around 3,000 native wild birds (120 species), and educate thousands of local kids and adults about the essential roles birds play in our environment, and the impacts of pesticides, climate change and habitat degradation on our shared, intertwined lives.

Still on Chanate – still open for business.

As we work on plans for a new center, The Bird Rescue Center continues to care for our native wild birds. The Quonset Hut we have called home for the past 44 years is still open – in fact we are admitting between 35 to 45 birds each and every day!

Baby Bird Season is in full swing – and so are we. In this COVID-conscious time, we are working with a skeleton crew, but our life-saving work continues!

We have signed a long-term lease and, thanks to our benefactors Heidi and Dave Jacquin, our future looks brighter than ever!

Ways you can help

  • Make a donation online
  • Host a fundraiser and we’ll bring the birds!
  • Claim one of our naming opportunities
  • Join our email list to stay updated and involved (signup form on this page)

Together, we will make this dream a reality!